Estate And Probate Attorneys In Elizabethtown

We here at Lonneman & McMahan PLLC, understand how difficult the estate planning and probate processes are for most people. Estate planning causes you to have to think about the end of your life, while probate can be quite complex while you are also mourning the loss of a loved one.

Our attorneys work with families in and around Elizabethtown, Kentucky, who need help making these tough decisions on a near daily basis. We can provide you with the knowledge you need to make important decisions about your estate and most-valued assets.

Helping You Plan For The Future

Even if you do not have a large estate, crafting an estate plan is important. By making your wishes known now, you will remain in control of the process, instead of a judge. Our estate planning attorneys can help you with a:

  • Last will and testament that outlines how you want your estate to be distributed and which beneficiaries will receive which assets
  • Basic trust that can be used to keep your estate from going through the probate process
  • Living will that outlines your health care wishes if you cannot communicate them
  • Powers of attorney designation that grant someone else the authority to make health care or financial decisions on your behalf.

Navigating You Through The Probate Process During A Stressful Time

Additionally, our lawyers can help you get through the often-confusing probate process if you have lost a loved one. If you are the executor or estate administrator, we can ensure that you fulfill your duties, which can include paying creditors and distributing assets.

As litigators, we can represent you in probate litigation to help you settle other disputes, such as a contested will, if necessary. We understand how complicated probate laws seem to most people, and we can provide you with the representation you need.

It is never too early to start planning. To schedule a free consultation at Lonneman & McMahan PLLC, with one of our estate planning lawyers, call us at 270-506-0040 or 866-274-6041.