Child Custody Attorneys Serving Elizabethtown

Few family law disputes can be more emotional than a child custody dispute. By securing experienced legal representation, however, you will likely increase your chances of finding an effective solution that protects your parental rights.

At Lonneman & McMahan PLLC, our attorneys bring decades of combined experience to the table for our clients. From our law firm in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and in courts throughout the region, we protect parents' and their children's best interests.

How Does Child Custody Work In Kentucky?

Unlike many years ago, most family law judges in Kentucky look toward giving both parents joint custody. In Kentucky, this means that parents will share in decision-making regarding their children's health care, education, religion and other welfare decisions.

It also means that parents may share "physical custody" of any children, or that one parent is labeled the primary residential custodian and the other receives parenting time. If one parent is granted sole legal custody, the other parent will likely receive visitation rights.

Parenting time can be hard to agree on. Many parents do not want to give up holidays, school vacations and weekends with their children. Whatever your desires are, our lawyers can use their knowledge of family law to provide you with the legal advice you need to make the right decisions regarding your children.

A Strong Background In Mediation

Parents here in Hardin County will have to go through mediation. Our attorneys have experience with mediation and representing clients in mediation, giving us deep knowledge of the process, its benefits and how to use the process to protect your rights.

Of course, some parents cannot work together, whether it is because of abuse or some other reason. We can aggressively advocate on your behalf at trial if necessary. Likewise, if you and your spouse can agree on a custody plan, we can review it to prevent you from signing an agreement that gives away any of your rights.

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