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How to emotionally survive divorce

Most family law disputes cause a great deal of stress. Even the most amicable divorce is still very difficult, as you divide community property, mourn the loss of a relationship and try to rebuild a life on your own. According to researchers at Michigan State University, people who divorced had a more rapid decline in health than those who remained in marriages. It is important to take care of your physical and emotional well-being during and after your divorce.

Taking care of your health

  • Take personal time for yourself every day. Meditation and yoga can help you stay grounded in your own emotions.
  • Seek professional counseling. Discussions in a formal setting can offer an outlet for your emotions while helping you find better ways to manage your stress.
  • Talk to friends and family. Create a support network of people who are positive and help you move forward.
  • Stay active. Make sure you stay involved with the activities you love. Try out new things if you cannot find the motivation to do the things you once did with your ex-spouse. Ask a trusted friend to take a class or go somewhere with you.
  • Be informed. Get legal information from your legal counsel instead of relying on Great Aunt Betty's best friend who went through a divorce ten years ago in another state.
  • When dealing with your kids, remember that they are also grieving and processing the divorce. You should not give them more information than they can deal with. Be honest, but do not overload them. Do not blame the other parent. Rely on your counselor and friends to talk to about that.
  • Lighten up. Learn to laugh more. Try not to take life too seriously. It is harder to manage all the responsibilities you have when you are a single parent, but it is also too easy to miss out on the happy moments. Hug your children. Look for beauty in each day.

Survive and thrive after divorce

It is not fun to go through a divorce, but you can make it through and come out on the other side. As with every major transition, you need resources and tools to help you go through it. When you feel stuck or lonely, talk to your friends and family. Make a plan to get yourself back on track while you are going through the divorce.

Finally, remember to reach out to professionals who can assist you during the process. Take advantage of your legal counsel and get facts about your situation.

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