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How Kentucky's bankruptcy exemptions function

During a bankruptcy proceeding, some may worry that they might have to surrender all of their property. Fortunately, you are entitled to "exemptions" that permit you to keep many of your possessions during your bankruptcy. There are two sets of exemptions, those created by the Kentucky legislature and those provided by federal law. You can choose either, but you must use only one or the other, and you cannot mix between the two.

Establishing paternity is not just about child support

In Kentucky, paternity can either be established by Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity or by going to court. When a child is born to a single mother, she retains sole physical and legal custody of the baby unless paternity is established. It is important on many fronts to know the identity of the biological father, and there are two ways to obtain that information.

What will your parenting plan look like?

If you are obtaining a divorce in Kentucky and have a child, one of the most important aspects of that process will be your parenting plan. Kentucky, like most states, encourages the parents in a divorce to develop their own parenting plan. This plan will be the guide for much of your future and that of your child.

What are the consequences of a DUI conviction in Kentucky?

Very few people intend on driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but that one mistake in judgment can result in criminal charges. Being arrested and charged with a DUI should be taken very seriously, as the consequences can be harsh - even for a first offense.