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What will your parenting plan look like?

If you are obtaining a divorce in Kentucky and have a child, one of the most important aspects of that process will be your parenting plan. Kentucky, like most states, encourages the parents in a divorce to develop their own parenting plan. This plan will be the guide for much of your future and that of your child.

Kentucky provides a suggested model time-sharing/visitation guideline that you can use to create a plan that is tailored to your child's specific situation. While it may be difficult to reach and agreement with your child's other parent, this is the best way to achieve a plan that will meet your child's needs and function in a way that reduces conflict.

The model guideline is not a very large document, but you can add additional features and truly tailor it to your circumstances. Working through this document with your attorney can help focus your thoughts on how you will adjust to dealing with a joint custody agreement.

The development of a parenting plan can help set expectations for your future. You need to work out the details of how your custody and visitation will be implemented and how you will make decisions about your child, including their education, religious upbringing, and how healthcare decisions will be made. It will include your child's schedule and where they will live throughout the year.

It should also include such important issues as how you will settle disputes between you and your child's other parent and how you will make modifications to the parenting plan. Ideally, you should have a process that eliminates the need to go to court on every topic, as that can be very expensive.

Your attorney will help you with this process, to help you think through all of the necessary elements that will allow your plan to work with your child.

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