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The 4 most common causes of personal bankruptcy

No one is exempt from losing a job, developing a medical condition that requires serious care or getting a costly divorce. Unfortunately, many people find themselves in situations that cause debt to rise even as they cannot pay it down. Spending irresponsibly is not the only reason that people get in over their heads with debt. Bankruptcy can be a valuable option on the way to a fresh financial start, and you may need to consider it if you are dealing with any of the following.

How can kids better cope with divorce?

There are books and websites that give plenty of advice to parents and adults on how to cope with divorce. Parents typically put their children first and try to do everything they can to help them get through the divorce. It’s not an easy process but it is very doable with a little support.

Do you need to modify your child custody or visitation plan?

One element of a divorce many people may not fully anticipate is the fact that while you may divorce your spouse if you had children and those children are still relatively young, you may wind up dealing with your child's other parent for another five, ten or nearly 20 years.

4 types of debt that may not be discharged in bankruptcy

There are many preconceived notions people have about filing for bankruptcy. You might associate bankruptcy with financial ruin and failure, or you could believe that filing bankruptcy will solve all your money problems. In reality, the truth lies somewhere between these two.

What should you do if you are stopped by the police?

It's rarely expected. You find yourself driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly, you see bright, flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. You are shocked when the light approach and instead of passing your vehicle, they pull in behind your vehicle. Why are they pulling you over and what should you do?