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April 2017 Archives

You are always being watched

Americans love convenience. From using a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant to pick up dinner to watching movies on our smart phones and allowing Netflix suggests the movies we watch, technology is becoming more and more all encompassing. Security cameras help protect us and traffic cameras alert us to accidents and road congestion.

Higher One sued again over students' OneAccount cards

What would you do if I offered you a debit card that worked with your student loan accounts? You're going to want it because it gives you immediate access to your student loans. If you direct deposit those funds, they'll take a week to clear. Same goes with a paper check, except that one of those will take 21 days to clear. Wouldn't you rather use this debit card so you can have your money now?

What goes into an estate plan?

Until you have created an estate plan, it may be difficult to determine if you need one. You may feel that estate plans are only for very wealthy individuals. But estate plans do more than help people with a large net worth. Everyone should have an estate plan if only to make life easier for your heirs and prevent confusion or conflict that could waste resources of the estate.

I’m innocent – why do I need an attorney?

When someone has never dealt with the criminal system, they may be a bit naïve about the subject. Of course, that naivety comes from a good place – they genuinely have done nothing wrong and feel as though laying out all the information they have will ultimately show their innocence.