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Facing allegations of stealing in Kentucky

Being accused of stealing here Kentucky can have a lot of significant implications. For one, it could lead to a person facing theft by unlawful taking charges.

Cases involving such charges can vary considerably from one another. This includes in the level of charges a person is facing. Some theft by taking cases involve misdemeanor charges, while others involve felony charges.

One thing that plays a big role in whether a person is facing misdemeanor or felony charges in connection to theft by taking accusations here in Kentucky is the value of what they are alleged to have stolen.

Generally, a theft by taking of less than $500 in value is a misdemeanor crime, coming in at the Class A misdemeanor level.

Meanwhile, thefts involving property $500 or more in value are felony level offenses. The exact felony level of such a theft depends on things like how much above $500 in value the stolen property was.

Now, there are certain situations in which a theft by taking of under $500 would fall into the felony level. This is if the theft was of a firearm, a controlled substance or anhydrous ammonia.

So, the severity of the charges a person is facing when they are accused of theft by taking depends on the details of the allegations. Now, while more severe charge levels carry harsher potential penalties, being accused of any level of theft by unlawful taking can have significant repercussions for a person. So, when a person is accused of any type of theft by taking, promptly seeking out guidance on their situation from an experienced defense lawyer can be important.

Source: Kentucky Legislative Research Commission – Kentucky Statutes “514.030 Theft by unlawful taking or disposition – Penalties.,” Accessed April 5, 2017

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