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I’m innocent – why do I need an attorney?

When someone has never dealt with the criminal system, they may be a bit naïve about the subject. Of course, that naivety comes from a good place – they genuinely have done nothing wrong and feel as though laying out all the information they have will ultimately show their innocence.

While this is always the hope, it’s not always the reality. The expectation is that the criminal system will sift through the facts and ultimately make the right decision when it comes to guilt or innocence. This hope can often lead individuals to face criminal charges without the assistance of a legal professional. In their mind, if they explain their innocence, any suspicion about their involvement will be dropped. But as we’ve seen time and time again, that is not always the case.

Whether it be a violent crime, theft crime or an incident related to drugs, witnesses and circumstantial evidence can paint an entirely different story than the one that’s actually true. Before you know it, your honest and well-intentioned approach of trying to be helpful leaves you charged with a serious crime.

This is the reason many individuals reach out to an attorney. It’s not because they are necessarily guilty and need someone to fix a mistake. In many cases, it’s a proactive and assertive move that could eventually help them protect their future and the future of their family. In the end, being charged or even accused of a serious crime is no small matter and trying to navigate the legal system alone can be extremely frightening.

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