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You are always being watched

Americans love convenience. From using a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant to pick up dinner to watching movies on our smart phones and allowing Netflix suggests the movies we watch, technology is becoming more and more all encompassing. Security cameras help protect us and traffic cameras alert us to accidents and road congestion.

Our smart phones can track our every movement and our homes are even being connected with The-Internet-Of-Things. Devices like Amazon's Echo listens at all times to enable voice control of ordering products, but that doesn't mean it does not hear many things unrelated to Amazon orders. Exercise trackers show our activity during the day and night and can track our location in addition to our activity level.

Law enforcement has noticed this. During recent a murder investigation, police obtained records from the victim's Fitbit exercise tracker, phone, and the home's security system. They used this data to question the credibility of the woman's husband and charged him with her murder.

They used the data to create timelines, which they compared to the timelines he provided to police during his interrogation. There were significant discrepancies in his version of events, although his attorney strongly denies his client committed the crime.

For many people, so much of this technology has already become "wallpaper" and background noise. They simply don't even recognize that every time they update a Facebook page or log into their internet they are creating a trail of bread crumbs, that the police will be more than happy to follow, should it ever be necessary.

The danger will be when events occur in a way that makes someone appear to be circumstantially guilty when they are not. It may be difficult to explain your way out of situations where the evidence is not complete, but what does exist, suggests your guilt.

Convenience is sometimes more expensive that we imagine.

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