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Just say no to traffic stop searches

With the Memorial Day weekend approaching, drivers in the Elizabethtown area may see additional police patrols. The Memorial Day weekend is often called the unofficial start of summer, and the long, three-day weekends frequently are targets of law enforcement, as traffic violations and crashes frequently increase. More Kentucky State Police, Hardin County Sheriff's Office vehicles and local police departments are likely to be on the roads looking for minor violations and for potential DUIs.

Divorce and property division

During a divorce, there is a lot going on. You are emotionally upset, as the process to dissolve your marriage is never calming or relaxing. You may be confused, as your attorney details out hearings, depositions, court filings and other issues that even if they are not written in Latin, sometimes seem as if they might as well be.

New opioid law likely to lead to longer sentences and more costs

A new crime bill has passed the Kentucky legislature and become law. It increases penalties for anyone "trafficking" fentanyl and heroin and removes the "peddler distinction" that reduced punishment for many addicted to these drugs. Instead, it makes even sharing among addicts any amount of heroin a Class C felony, which carries a five- to ten-year sentence.