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Top five responsibilities of an executor

Were you chosen as the executor of an estate? If so, you are likely feeling a mixture of responsibility and stress. Depending on the complexity of the estate, serving as the executor can be particularly intimidating. But you do not have to shy away from this seemingly daunting task. With the right guidance, you can fulfill your duties with confidence. Your primary role as an executor is to ensure proper distribution of assets. Follow these steps to reach this goal through a smooth probate administration process.

Marijuana remains illegal in Kentucky

Despite several states legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, Kentucky has not followed suit. There have been multiple efforts by Senator Perry Clark to change the recreational marijuana laws, but none have succeeded thus far. A bill was signed into law in 2014 to allow certain patients to use a non-psychoactive component of marijuana known as cannabidiol oil for medicinal purposes. Despite this law, patients have struggled to get access to the drug.