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Marijuana remains illegal in Kentucky

Despite several states legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, Kentucky has not followed suit. There have been multiple efforts by Senator Perry Clark to change the recreational marijuana laws, but none have succeeded thus far. A bill was signed into law in 2014 to allow certain patients to use a non-psychoactive component of marijuana known as cannabidiol oil for medicinal purposes. Despite this law, patients have struggled to get access to the drug.

If you have questions about the state of marijuana legality in Kentucky, you are not alone. It can be confusing to keep track. Keep reading for a closer look at attempts to legalize cannabis and what the law currently says.

Medicinal cannabidiol 

The Kentucky legislature passed a law decriminalizing cannabidiol oil in bipartisan fashion. Despite the unanimous support of the bill, it has not worked as intended. Due to the failure to enable executive agencies to create regulations for producing and distributing the oil, there have been no manufacturers in the state, and it is illegal to transfer it across state lines. 

Recreational attempts 

As mentioned above, Senator Clark introduced legislation multiple times to legalize recreational use. The bill, entitled the Cannabis Freedom Act, would allow Kentucky residents 21 years old and older to carry one ounce of the drug, grow up to five plants and share up to an ounce with another person without collecting payment. The bill did not get a hearing or vote before the legislature adjourned in March. 

Current statutes

It is critical for you to understand the current marijuana laws in Kentucky. For one, possession of fewer than five plants is a class A misdemeanor. Possessing more than five plants is a class D felony. If you get charged with a drug crime, you could face serious fines and incarceration.

If you are facing charges for possession or sale of marijuana, be sure to talk to a criminal law attorney.

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