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Keeping your car in Chapter 13 bankruptcy

If you are thinking about filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy to manage your debt, you probably have a lot of concerns. For example, what will happen to your car if you file? Bankruptcy can be a scary thought, and you might be worried about losing your assets. Generally, you can keep your car in Chapter 13, but there are exceptions. 

The details of Kentucky's marijuana laws

Kentucky is one of the many states that have recently reconsidered strict laws regarding marijuana possession. Marijuana is quickly shifting into focus as one of the state's potential cash crops, as hemp has gained recent traction among state growers and producers. While cannabis is arguably in the public eye more than ever before, Kentucky laws nevertheless still consider the possession and sale of the plant a crime. 

What are the guidelines for relocating with kids post-divorce?

As a parent in Kentucky who has split from your ex-spouse, you may have new and bigger plans for your future. You may want to move closer to family or to search for new job opportunities. Unfortunately, if you're the primary custody holder of your child, you have a lot to take into consideration before planning a move.

Top 5 responsibilities of an executor

Were you chosen as the executor of an estate? If so, you are likely feeling a mixture of responsibility and stress. Depending on the complexity of the estate, serving as the executor can be particularly intimidating. But you do not have to shy away from this seemingly daunting task. With the right guidance, you can fulfill your duties with confidence.

Can a will or trust help your family?

Many people in Kentucky have dealt with the pain that comes from losing a loved one. When a loss comes suddenly, there can be added grief and shock, but when there is no estate plan in place to settle the accounts, this can turn into the family feeling overwhelmed.

Custodial vs. non-custodial parent

Understanding legal jargon can be difficult, but many of the terms used in divorce can be especially confusing. Some phrases in Kentucky that are not well-known are custodial and non-custodial, but it is important for you to be familiar with what these words mean as you pursue your divorce and determine responsibility for your children. We at Lonneman and McMahan can represent you in court and explain any terms that may be unclear.

3 tips to consider if your ex is not paying child support

In the state of Kentucky, as well as all states in the U.S., parents have a legal obligation to support their children even if they get a divorce. Unfortunately, some parents might try to skip out on child support payments. If you are dealing with a deadbeat parent, you likely feel frustrated and are wondering what to do. Thankfully, there are ways for you to manage this situation financially and enforce payment if necessary.