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3 tips to consider if your ex is not paying child support

In the state of Kentucky, as well as all states in the U.S., parents have a legal obligation to support their children even if they get a divorce. Unfortunately, some parents might try to skip out on child support payments. If you are dealing with a deadbeat parent, you likely feel frustrated and are wondering what to do. Thankfully, there are ways for you to manage this situation financially and enforce payment if necessary.

Even if you need to eventually involve the court or law enforcement, you should take some steps to make sure you and your children get by while the payments are not coming in. Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

1. Do not include it in your budget

You might instinctively include child support payments into your monthly budget. This is understandable because you should be receiving the money. If the money is not getting to you, however, you should create a budget based only on your income. That way, any payments that come in will be extra.

2. Consider a modification

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for reduced payments from your ex. Maybe he lost his job or suffered an injury. Before you jump right into a lawsuit, consider the fact that it might be cheaper to simply agree to a child support modification rather than fight him in court. You can always raise the payments again once he gets into a better situation.

3. Get the court involved

Unfortunately, sometimes you need to take the next step and enforce the payments. You may be able to impose a wage deduction, driver license suspension or contempt of court. In the worst-case scenario, the courts may prosecute your ex with a fine and jail time.

Whatever the situation is, dealing without child support payments is difficult. You can read more about these tips at U.S. News & World Report to get the payments you deserve.

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