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The details of Kentucky's marijuana laws

Kentucky is one of the many states that have recently reconsidered strict laws regarding marijuana possession. Marijuana is quickly shifting into focus as one of the state's potential cash crops, as hemp has gained recent traction among state growers and producers. While cannabis is arguably in the public eye more than ever before, Kentucky laws nevertheless still consider the possession and sale of the plant a crime. 

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, 29 states and the District of Columbia have authorized the medical use of marijuana within their borders dating back to 1996. Kentucky's General Assembly, however, has rejected several bills to legalize the drug for medicinal purposes. Meanwhile, countless Kentucky residents face misdemeanor charges as a result of possessing even a small amount of marijuana. Recent shifts in attitudes toward the drug could possibly make waves in the coming months, and the Lexington points out that the penalties for marijuana possession can vary depending on the attitudes of local law enforcement. 

NORML, an organization working to reform marijuana laws, lists the wide range of penalties Kentucky laws place on those in possession of the drug. The organization shares that if an individual is caught in possession of less than eight ounces or marijuana, they may face a Class B misdemeanor penalty of 45 days' incarceration and a maximum fine of $250. Furthermore, Kentucky officials consider possessions of eight ounces or more of marijuana prima facie evidence that the person possessed the marijuana with the intent to sell or transfer it. When it comes to sales and trafficking laws in the state, penalties are much more severe, and can range from a Class A misdemeanor to a felony, and even prison time.         

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