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Studies show joint custody is best for children

Families across Kentucky navigate child custody arrangements whenever parents decide to divorce, and determining the best plan for a family is not simple. New studies encourage parents to work towards a joint custody arrangement whenever possible, saying that splitting time between both parents is what is best for the children.

Important reasons to consider filing for bankruptcy

You never intend to get into debt. But while paying off the money you borrowed is your goal, sometimes it does not work out. Financial troubles hit us all in different ways. Whether your employer reduces your working hours or your business slows down, you might see the debt start piling up. 

How can you protect assets in a high asset divorce?

When residents in Kentucky like you are in possession of high assets, it's normally a good thing that can enrich your day-to-day life and make your living situation much more comfortable. However, high assets can become an unmistakable burden if you and your spouse ever decide to get a divorce.

What are personal representatives permitted to do?

Upon petitioning for administration of an estate in Kentucky, a personal representative may be appointed to manage the affairs of an estate. A personal representative is a fiduciary under Kentucky law and must act with good faith and loyalty with respect to the intent of the testator, whose will must be admitted to probate, and in the best interests of the estate and its beneficiaries. In doing so, the personal representative has broad discretion to act for the benefit of and otherwise administer the estate unless specifically proscribed by the will.

Retirement nuance in divorce

When Kentucky couples go through a divorce, the first thing on their minds is likely getting through the immediate future, but ignoring the impact a divorce can have on one's retirement savings is a mistake.