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Studies show joint custody is best for children

Families across Kentucky navigate child custody arrangements whenever parents decide to divorce, and determining the best plan for a family is not simple. New studies encourage parents to work towards a joint custody arrangement whenever possible, saying that splitting time between both parents is what is best for the children.

A study reported by Science Daily has found that even very young children benefit from shared custody arrangements. The research was conducted on more than 3,600 children between the ages of three and five, and their parents and preschool teachers responded to questionnaires to identify any behavior or psychological issues the children may be dealing with. According to their responses, children who live with only one parent or who have a limited custody arrangement fared the worst. Both teachers and parents reported the most issues in this category. However, there was no difference in the reporting from parents who remained together or parents who had shared custody. Teachers, on the other hand, reported fewest issues from children whose parents were still together.

As the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, researchers from Wake Forest University had similar findings, and they found children in joint custody arrangements had the best outcomes. According to their research, which reviewed more than 40 previous studies, children who had strong relationships with both their parents came out on top, regardless of other factors, including intense conflict between the parents or poor shared parenting skills. The researchers found that if violence and abuse are not present, children who split time between parents are less affected by conflict than many previously supposed if they have good relationships with their parents.

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