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How should a divorced couple handle child custody?

Parents in Kentucky who decide to get a divorce will also have to worry about matters of child custody. We at Lonneman & McMahan PLLC strive to help you understand how this particularly difficult and potentially stressful part of a divorce can go. We also offer guidance regarding what you can do to ensure that all parties can come to an amenable agreement.

In the past, it was common for one parent to have full custody over a child, with the other parent having very minimal involvement. While this is the style of parenting that some couples want even today, it has been proven in recent studies that children will almost always benefit more from having near-equal interaction with both parents. The input of both you and your ex-spouse may be vital to development and to the maintenance of familial bonds, which enrich a child's life and help them grow.

Because of this, however, there may be some tough decisions in your future. For example, you'll have to decide who will have custody over your child during the important holidays. Switching off yearly or dividing up holidays equally between both parents are common solutions. You may also need to determine if you want shared custody, or if one person will have primary custody while the other has visitation rights. Then, a visitation schedule will need to be crafted.

Figuring out how you want to divide your time between your child is always going to be difficult, as child custody matters in general tend to be. Looking through our web page on divorce and child custody may help give you an idea of where to start. 

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