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Creditor collection calls and how to stop them

Kentucky residents who are in debt will likely have to suffer through the ever-persistent, ever-irritating creditor collection calls. These calls can get invasive and downright frightening in some cases, leaving the sufferer wishing for an out. Fortunately, there are ways to shake creditors off and escape from the threats, calls, and harassment.

Time shares that debt collectors still call in a reported 75% of cases in which someone has requested them to stop in writing. It's the law that calls are ceased once a request in writing has been submitted, but it's clear that this law isn't followed by many. This means that if someone owes money or are in debt, they're likely to be harassed by creditors, and some of them can get threatening with their constant calls. Even though abuse is not allowed, it still occurs. Collectors may even call during "off hours", which are times that should be off limits.

Findlaw states that there are many different way to stop creditor harassment. They suggest the documentation of all illegal behavior, including collection agents calling during off hours, not properly identifying themselves, not providing verification of the debt that's being collected, and more. The documentation can be used if a person decides to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against the collector.

It should be noted that reporting harassment won't absolve a person of their debt. However, it gives the person who is in debt some room to breathe while they figure out how they would like to tackle their financial situation.

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