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Reasons no one should delay a divorce

Kentucky has one of the highest divorce rates in the country. The state ranks up there with Nevada, Oklahoma, Alaska and Maine in terms of highest rates at which couples divorce, according to a post from WKYT.

Couples should always try to resolve their lingering issues before heading straight into divorce. However, once it becomes clear that salvaging the marriage is impossible, the couple should try to get the legal process over with as soon as possible. Purposely delaying a divorce can create additional problems. 

The rift only becomes deeper

Many married couples who want to divorce do not necessarily hate each other. In many cases, they can go through mediation to determine how to divide certain assets. Part of these mediation sessions require both people to remain open and upfront with one another. When a bad marriage continues, it is possible for the two people to grow further apart. They may become more resentful of one another, and this makes compromises much more difficult. 

It becomes more expensive

Divorcing is a costly process no matter what. However, both spouses should actively try to reduce expenses as much as possible. Both spouses may keep an attorney on retainer, which can add up, and if the divorce drags on, then the process becomes incredibly expensive. Additionally, spouses can save money by resolving certain issues through mediation first before going to court. If the two spouses have become resentful of one another, then mediation may not work, and the couple will need to decide everything in court. 

It becomes more likely one spouse will start dating again

It is highly recommended for divorcing spouses to avoid dating until the process becomes final. The longer the process goes, the more likely it becomes one spouse will want to start dating someone new. This can create a lot of complicated emotions, especially if the couple shares a child. 

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