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Can my child and I move to another state?

If you are a divorced Kentucky parent and are contemplating moving to another state, you need to be aware that you must ask a judge’s permission to do so, even if you have residential custody of your child. The Legal Aid Network of Kentucky advises that the first thing you should do is notify your former spouse in writing about your planned move.

What you should know about Kentucky's point system

Kentucky, like most other states, has a point system whereby convictions of traffic offenses considered to be moving violations are assigned point values and are placed on the driver’s driving record maintained by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. This agency explains that should a driver accumulate 12 points within 24 months, his or her driver’s license is suspended. For drivers under 18, the number of allowable points during the 2-year period is only seven before suspension.

What are the differences between assault and battery?

If you are a Kentucky resident who has been charged with assault and battery, you may think that these are two words that mean the same thing. FindLaw explains, however, that while assault and battery are related offenses, they are separate and distinct from each other. The reason why most people confuse them is because they most often are charged together. In fact, some states, of which Kentucky is not one, have combined them into one crime.

Different types of criminal charges

When residents in Kentucky face criminal charges, those crimes are slotted into different categories. Depending on what a person has been accused of doing, they could be facing several different types of charges. All of them have their own potential penalties and reflect different severities of crime.