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Different types of criminal charges

When residents in Kentucky face criminal charges, those crimes are slotted into different categories. Depending on what a person has been accused of doing, they could be facing several different types of charges. All of them have their own potential penalties and reflect different severities of crime.

According to the Legal Dictionary, a felony is defined as a serious crime that outranks misdemeanor charges. Felony charges are always met with a prison sentence of over one year and in the most severe of cases, is even punishable by death. Crimes that fall under a felony charge include treason, burglary, rape, murder, manslaughter, or arson.

Dictionary.com, meanwhile, defines a misdemeanor as a crime that is less serious than a felony, but is still punishable by jail time or fines. Examples of misdemeanor crimes can include petty theft, simple assault and battery, disturbing the peace, or drunk driving without any injury being caused to others. Generally speaking, all crimes that are not felonies are misdemeanors instead.

However, there is also a category of misdemeanor called petty misdemeanor which ranks even lower than a regular misdemeanor. These crimes are also called violations in some areas. They can include traffic violations like speeding, or possession of very small amounts of marijuana in some states. Petty misdemeanors are not considered crimes in some areas because they don't result in jail time. However, they do still result in fines and will still be put on a person's record.

Criminal charges will fall into these categories, divided by severity. Knowing what each type of charge is and how it will impact a person will help them decide how to face the charge.

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