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What you should know about Kentucky's point system

Kentucky, like most other states, has a point system whereby convictions of traffic offenses considered to be moving violations are assigned point values and are placed on the driver’s driving record maintained by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. This agency explains that should a driver accumulate 12 points within 24 months, his or her driver’s license is suspended. For drivers under 18, the number of allowable points during the 2-year period is only seven before suspension.

DriveSafely.com reports that each Kentucky driver’s driving record is maintained for five years. While each violation’s points are removed two years after the date of conviction, the ticket stays on the record for the full five years. Note that the periods begin running as of the conviction date, not the date when the citation was issued. Also note that the periods are not calendar years. “Year” means a 12-month period from the date of the oldest conviction.

Various convictions, various points

Most Kentucky traffic convictions carry three, four or six points depending on which infraction the driver was convicted of committing. Representative infractions for various points include the following:

  • Three points: driving 11-15 mph over the posted speed limit; texting while driving; failing to yield; failing to stop at a stop sign, signal or railroad crossing; driving on a 1-way street the wrong way; careless driving
  • Four points: reckless driving; driving on the wrong side of the street or road; following too closely; failing to yield to an emergency vehicle
  • Six points: driving 16-25 mph over the posted speed limit; failing to stop for a church or school bus; committing more than one moving violation during the same occurrence

The good news is that no points are assessed against a person’s driving record if he or she gets a ticket for driving 10 or less mph over the posted speed limit. Kentucky drivers should be aware, however, that virtually all traffic convictions they receive in other states go on their Kentucky driving record, along with their associated points.

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