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How long is my will good for?

In many cases, a will you drew up 20 years ago can still be valid and express your wishes perfectly. However, it is a good idea to revisit older wills as your life situation changes to see if they need updating. There is also the fact that if you had witnesses sign your will and at least one has died, it could potentially cause problems in probate. Interestingly, though, if you handwrote your will, you do not need witnesses.

The role of an executor in an estate plan

When Kentucky residents begin to prepare their estate plans, one of the things they must consider is who will be the executor of their estate. Many people might wonder if an executor is really necessary and what they should consider as they pick someone to fill this role.

Understanding your child custody options

When you and your spouse divorce in Kentucky, one of your primary concerns is determining who will have custody of your children. There are several different kinds of custody arrangements. We at Lonneman and McMahan, PLLC, know it is important for you to understand these arrangements so you can identify a situation that will be best for your family.