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Understanding your child custody options

When you and your spouse divorce in Kentucky, one of your primary concerns is determining who will have custody of your children. There are several different kinds of custody arrangements. We at Lonneman and McMahan, PLLC, know it is important for you to understand these arrangements so you can identify a situation that will be best for your family.

If you and your ex-spouse both want to make decisions for your children, you may want to consider a joint custody arrangement. According to FindLaw, you usually share physical and legal custody of your children in this situation. You typically need a parenting agreement that lays out when your children will live with each of you. It is a good idea for you and your ex-spouse to consider both your children's schedules and your work schedules so you can decide who will pick the kids up from school and take them to after-school activities. In some situations, it may be best if only one of you has custody of your children. This is called sole custody.

A custody arrangement typically considers both legal and physical custody. Legal custody covers important decisions about your children's lives, such as the kind of medical treatments they receive and where they will go to school. Even if your children will live primarily with you, your ex-spouse may still have legal custody in some situations, requiring you to make these decisions together. Physical custody determines who your children will live with. If you and your ex-spouse live in the same area, you might want to consider an arrangement with joint physical custody so your children can spend an equal amount of time with both of you.  

In Kentucky, you may be given a joint custody arrangement most of time. However, your particular situation usually determines whether you have joint physical custody, joint legal custody or both. More information about this subject is available on our webpage.

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