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What is the safest way to escape domestic violence?

For victims of spousal abuse, their relationships can seem like impenetrable spiderwebs from which they are unable to escape. With every step they take toward freedom, their abusers find another way to keep them dependent or make them afraid to leave. You and other Kentucky residents who are being abused are not in a hopeless situation, however. There are steps you can take and people you can turn to that may make it possible to escape a volatile relationship.

Recognizing signs that you may need to file for bankruptcy

You may have suffered financial setbacks for months or years and considered a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for a fresh start, but well-meaning friends and family members have told you that bankruptcy should be avoided at all costs. However, our team at the law offices of Lonneman & McMahan PLLC, understand that in many cases, bankruptcy can help Kentucky residents get back on their feet and remove the stressful burden from their shoulders.