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Is joint custody the right option?

When parents in Kentucky decide that divorcing is the right thing to do, you still have to deal with matters regarding child custody, support, and how to make the transition as smooth as possible for your child. Lonneman & McMahan, PLLC, can aid you in this difficult period of your life.

There are different types of custody that you and your ex-partner can choose from. However, most judges these days will advocate for joint custody. They prefer it for many reasons, including the fact that numerous studies have shown children develop better if they have the influence of both parents in their lives. The balance between two parents jointly raising a child is important for their growth and stability.

This is where mediation can come in. Of course, there are some situations where joint custody is simply not going to work out in anyone's favor. However, if you believe that it might be a realistic possibility, you could use the aid of a mediator to talk through your goals and expectations. This third party maintains an unbiased opinion throughout the process, helping all of the involved parties reach a decision that everyone will be able to find fair and amenable.

When you're looking into matters of child custody, examining every possibility is the best way of finding out which avenue will work best for your unique situation. The link here will take you to our web page on child custody, which can further explain different options and help you decide what might be the best fit.

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