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Understanding how you can spend child support

The child support you receive was ordered by a family law judge. Therefore, you may believe that the courts can dictate what you spend the money on, especially if your ex-spouse attempts to tell you how to spend the money he or she gives you. At the law offices of Lonneman & McMahan PLLC, we understand that this topic can be frustrating and even worrying for you and other Kentucky residents, and we are prepared to answer your questions.

Can your ex give you a list of approved child support expenses or otherwise tell you what you may and may not spend the money on? Fortunately, as FindLaw explains, your ex and the courts are not permitted to control your child support spending. As you know, child support is meant to help you, as the custodial parent, support your children. You may choose to use a portion of the money on rent and utilities to keep your children safe and comfortable. You can also spend it on food, clothing, educational expenses and other necessities.

What about entertainment and other non-essentials? Family law courts have deemed children’s emotional well-being important, as well. Therefore, you might use child support for gifts, movie tickets, restaurant meals or a vacation for your children.

Meeting your children’s physical and emotional needs are the most important factors the family law court considers. You should not have to worry about how you spend child support as long as you are fulfilling your parental duties. Our family law page explains more about your parenting rights and other factors pertaining to divorce.

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