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Ways to manage debt

When the various demands of life happen all too quickly, the wallet can ultimately suffer. Countless Kentucky residents struggle with financial worries, in which debt becomes the sole focus of every endeavor. As frustrating as managing one's debt can be, there are a number of paths one can take to reach financial freedom. 

Is Chapter 13 bankruptcy the right pick for me?

Kentucky residents like you who are filing for bankruptcy will have two major options to choose from. One is Chapter 13, and one is Chapter 7. Lonneman & McMahan, PLLC, is here to help provide you with the benefits and drawbacks of each type so that you can choose which fits you best.

Understanding constructive possession

If you face drug charges in Kentucky, your freedom could be at stake. Depending on the type of drug that law enforcement officers allege you possessed at the time they arrested you, the amount you allegedly possessed, and your alleged intent in possessing it, you could faceĀ substantial prison time and/or a substantial fine if the prosecutor convicts you.

Can bankruptcy really end creditor harassment?

As a resident of Kentucky who is currently struggling with the notion of bankruptcy, you likely have a lot of questions. How does it work? What can it do for you? And most importantly, will all of the benefits people talk about actually apply to your situation? Lonneman & McMahan, PLLC, are here to give you the answers to these questions.

What is a living trust?

Kentucky residents who are working out matters of the estate will have a lot to figure out. The entire probate process is considered time-consuming and extremely detailed. It's billed as something of a legal headache that almost definitely requires legal guidance to get through. But are there ways to avoid it?