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Requirements for a valid will in Kentucky

When writing a will in Kentucky, a person must make sure that they are meeting the requirements necessary to make their will valid. If they fail to do so, it's possible that their wishes won't legally be able to be honored.

FindLaw writes about the laws of wills in Kentucky, as well as certain basic requirements that must be met for a will to be considered valid. Some of these requirements include the testator's age, which must be at least 18 or older. The testator's state of mind is also taken into consideration. They must be "of sound mind" for their will to be valid, meaning they should be capable of clear thought.

Handwritten wills must be written entirely by the testator. However, these can be tricky since any typos, incorrect wording, misunderstanding of legal jargon, or vagueness can lead to the will being disqualified in court. Additionally, Kentucky does not recognize oral wills.

Kentucky Legislature has a list of Kentucky's revised statutes regarding wills. They cover issues like the validity of a nonresident's will, when minors may be capable of making a valid will, the effect of divorce on a person's will, and more. It even addresses matters like where wills can be left for safekeeping.

When someone is writing their will, they must make sure that it's being done correctly or they risk their wishes not being fulfilled. Because the jargon is so important to having a valid will, many people may suggest seeking the aid of an attorney before proceeding.

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