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Estate planning for a blended family

There are many divorced individuals in Kentucky who eventually remarry. They often have children, in many cases, both partners bring children into the marriage. While this may bring to mind images of "The Brady Bunch," there are significant issues that should be addressed by those couples once they have remarried.

What goes into an estate plan?

Until you have created an estate plan, it may be difficult to determine if you need one. You may feel that estate plans are only for very wealthy individuals. But estate plans do more than help people with a large net worth. Everyone should have an estate plan if only to make life easier for your heirs and prevent confusion or conflict that could waste resources of the estate.

Do you need an estate plan?

Many people in Elizabethtown and much of the surrounding area may not think they have much need for estate planning. They may believe they should have a will, but beyond that, they think they are fine. But an estate plan can and should do more than just contain a will that transfers property after your death. An estate plan should take a comprehensive look at your future and help you plan for both the unexpected and inevitable.