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Do you need to modify your child custody or visitation plan?

One element of a divorce many people may not fully anticipate is the fact that while you may divorce your spouse if you had children and those children are still relatively young, you may wind up dealing with your child's other parent for another five, ten or nearly 20 years.

Establishing paternity is not just about child support

In Kentucky, paternity can either be established by Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity or by going to court. When a child is born to a single mother, she retains sole physical and legal custody of the baby unless paternity is established. It is important on many fronts to know the identity of the biological father, and there are two ways to obtain that information.

What will your parenting plan look like?

If you are obtaining a divorce in Kentucky and have a child, one of the most important aspects of that process will be your parenting plan. Kentucky, like most states, encourages the parents in a divorce to develop their own parenting plan. This plan will be the guide for much of your future and that of your child.

How a parenting plan can help after your divorce

If you have children and you are working on a divorce, you know one of the most difficult aspects of that divorce will be developing a parenting plan. In Kentucky, a parenting plan will control the custody and visitation rights of your children, and a thoughtful and carefully constructed parenting plan can help build the structure your "new" family will have to work with after the divorce is final.