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4 types of debt that may not be discharged in bankruptcy

There are many preconceived notions people have about filing for bankruptcy. You might associate bankruptcy with financial ruin and failure, or you could believe that filing bankruptcy will solve all your money problems. In reality, the truth lies somewhere between these two.

How Kentucky's bankruptcy exemptions function

During a bankruptcy proceeding, some may worry that they might have to surrender all of their property. Fortunately, you are entitled to "exemptions" that permit you to keep many of your possessions during your bankruptcy. There are two sets of exemptions, those created by the Kentucky legislature and those provided by federal law. You can choose either, but you must use only one or the other, and you cannot mix between the two.

Bankruptcy may be the only way out

When you have debt that has risen to a level where you have to make choices between paying for your housing or your food, you know you need to take action. For many in Kentucky, the first thought would be to find another job with better pay. Or maybe work a second job.