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Talk to your children about illegal Internet pranks

Many teenagers, young adults and people well into adulthood spend a large amount of time playing online games or participating in social media. While there is nothing wrong with connecting with others on the internet, sometimes an online activity can result in criminal penalties. At the law offices of Lonneman & McMahan PLLC, we are prepared to answer the questions Kentucky residents have regarding online crime. It is important for you and your children to understand the potential consequences of certain activities that may be mistaken as harmless, but can in fact have serious repercussions.

What you should know about Kentucky's point system

Kentucky, like most other states, has a point system whereby convictions of traffic offenses considered to be moving violations are assigned point values and are placed on the driver’s driving record maintained by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. This agency explains that should a driver accumulate 12 points within 24 months, his or her driver’s license is suspended. For drivers under 18, the number of allowable points during the 2-year period is only seven before suspension.

What are the differences between assault and battery?

If you are a Kentucky resident who has been charged with assault and battery, you may think that these are two words that mean the same thing. FindLaw explains, however, that while assault and battery are related offenses, they are separate and distinct from each other. The reason why most people confuse them is because they most often are charged together. In fact, some states, of which Kentucky is not one, have combined them into one crime.

Different types of criminal charges

When residents in Kentucky face criminal charges, those crimes are slotted into different categories. Depending on what a person has been accused of doing, they could be facing several different types of charges. All of them have their own potential penalties and reflect different severities of crime.

Understanding a plea bargain

Kentucky residents charged with a serious crime may be unclear as to whether or not they should allow their attorney to enter into a plea bargain with the prosecutor. The American Bar Association advises that a plea bargain is a negotiation between the prosecutor and the defendant and his or her attorney leading to an agreement as to certain things regarding the case.

Understanding Kentucky’s domestic violence laws

In Kentucky, domestic violence can be physical injury, assault or sexual abuse, or it could refer to causing fear of impending physical injury, if these acts occur between family members. As FindLaw explains, a family member means a spouse or former spouse, a relative, a person who is or has been in an “unmarried couple” relationship with the alleged abuser, a person who has a child with the alleged abuser, or any person who lives in the same household as the alleged abuser.

The difference between misdemeanors and felonies

Kentucky residents who are facing criminal charges could end up dealing with two different types: misdemeanors or felonies. It may not be common knowledge, but these two categories are quite dissimilar in how they're viewed legally. They can have drastically different impacts on a person's life, as well.